Barnabas Szabo

Barnabas Szabo is a candidate for PhD at the Department of History of Central European University (CEU). His research focuses on the formation of the British and the Spanish union states in the late-seventeenth and early-eighteenth century. He is interested in contemporary political and economic thought on alternatives to union in Britain and Spain, especially as it concerns the place of Scotland and Catalonia (the Crown of Aragon) within larger composite monarchies and expanding empires. He holds graduate degrees in International Relations, European Studies, and Nationalism Studies. He has been external faculty at the University of Szeged (Hungary) since 2017, teaching history of European political philosophy to graduate students. For the Spring Term of 2023, he is faculty associate (Global Teaching Fellow) at the Melikian Center of Arizona State University. He is an associate research fellow at the Institute for Foreign Affairs and Trade (Budapest, Hungary), where he covers the United Kingdom and Spain.