Alina Dragolea

Alina Dragolea is an Assistant Professor at the Faculty of Political Science, part of the National University of Political Science and Public Administration, Bucharest, Romania and the coordinator of the MA program Politics, Gender and Minorities. Her post-doctoral research focused on welfare retrenchment and gender equality. A current teaching and research topic is the link between the erosion of democratic institutions and trust, the dismantling of social protection, and the backlash against gender equality in Romania and Central and Eastern Europe. Alina Dragolea’s most recent research project, the CIVICA founded Protecting Protecting Academics at Risk: A Survey of European and EU Practice (PROAC) explored the field of contemporary academic refugee studies through innovative multidisciplinary research to underline gaps and opportunities. Her latest publication, forthcoming in Politics and Governance (2022, vol. 10, issue 4), explores the rise of illiberalism in CEE and Romania, proposing that the anti-gender agenda of illiberal actors ties them together in a truly transnational movement.